Energizer 2 in 1 LED Fusion Compact Flashlight

Perfect for pockets, handbags, car consoles, and work satchels, the Energizer Compact 2-in-1 Light is ready to go with 70 lumens* of vibrant LED light. Easily switch between spot and area modes at the touch of a button. With a slim design and lightweight construction, this compact light fits and goes anywhere. Flat sides allow you to set it down, position it, and work hands-free. It’s right at home finding keepsakes stored in the loft, checking under the bed for monsters, or doing head counts during a power cut. With 15 hours of runtime** and a water-resistant case, it’s just as handy outdoors on campouts and late-night dog walks, or in situations that call for emergency light, such as auto trouble. It’s a mini torch. It’s an LED lantern. It’s the versatile Energizer Compact 2-in-1 Light. Includes 2 Energizer MAX AAA Batteries.