Starlite Cuisine Enchiladas Suizas Pea Protein

Cream sauce. No trans fat. No GMO. No cholesterol. Non-dairy. All natural white corn tortillas filled with pea protein, red and green bell peppers, topped with non-dairy cream sauce, sprinkled with vegan cheese. Gluten free. Vegan. 6 g fiber. 13 g protein. Why we love pea protein. Plant based. Low in fat and high in protein. Allergen-free. Environmentally friendly to crop. Non-GMO. At StarLite Cuisine, we care about what we put in our mouths - yours, too. That's why we create all our products from scratch. We don't have food engineers or global taste panels. Product ideas sprout from the lunchroom, and we work hard to make nutritious products that also taste fantastic. - June. Join us on Facebook and Twitter or Made from 100% recycled paper. Made in USA.