New York Pizzeria Dip'N Sticks, Cheese, Garlic & Parmesan

0 Grams trans fat. Includes pizza sauce! Introducing a great new product from the makers of The Original Texas Toast. In 1920, the Penn family moved their small bakery from New York to Ohio. After years of successfully selling frozen garlic loaves under the New York Brand9 name, they introduced Texas-sized slices of Texas Garlic Toast. Now, we're introducing another exciting new idea. Dip'N Sticks with Cheese gives you that same great tasting pizza dough breadstick quality that you often find in your favorite pizzeria. Plus, we've added pizza sauce and cheese, so you've got a complete snack. No need to order out Just take them from your freezer, heat and dip and you're in for another great taste treat from the New York Brand. For a special treat, we recommend putting the pizza sauce on top of the cheese sticks before baking. And, you can personalize it by adding pepperoni or other ingredients of your choice. You'll be creating your own personal pizza. Mama Mia! Made in USA.