Turkey Hill Frozen Dairy Dessert 48 oz

Naturally & artificially flavored. Vanilla flavored frozen dairy dessert stuffed with chocolate cookie pieces and crunchy chocolate cookie swirl. Are you ready to experience Turkey Hill's delicious new family attraction? Turkey Hill Experience: Come learn how our ice cream is made, sit in our milk truck, brainstorm your own ice cream flavor, and learn about the people and culture of Turkey Hill. You can make your own TV commercial and design your own ice cream package! For more information - Call 1-888-9TOUR-TH or visit turkeyhillexperience.com. We welcome your comments at 800-My Dairy or www.turkeyhill.com. Please provide code from bottom of cup. 25% wind powered dairy. Turkey Hill cares about the environment - for more information and to learn how Turkey Hill uses green energy go to: turkeyhill.com/green.