Popsicle® Orange, Cherry & Grape Sugar Free Ice Pops Variety Pack 18 ct Box

Naturally and artificially flavored: Orange, Cherry and grape ice pops. Colors from natural source sugar free. Per Pop: 15 calories. The History of Popsicle: Once upon a time in 1905, There was happy 11 year old boy in California named frank. One night frank poured soda powder into water and mixed it with a stirring stick. He accidentally left the mixture outside all night in the cold. Whoops! Frank awoke the next morning to find his drink frozen like an icicle. Whoa! It was a hit with his friends and a classic was born. Accident? Miracle? Popsicle! America's favorite ice pop! Creamsicle: Pop Quiz: Q: How many calories are in a Creamiscle Bar? A: Only 100! It's the original smart snack. Q: When was Fudgsicle' first introduced? A: 1946. It's been a favorite treat for nearly 70 years! Q: How many different types of Popsicle ice pops are there? A: 26 variations! There's a lot to love about our ice pops. Popsicle, fudgsicle & creamsicle are all part of the side brand family. Find all our flavors at www.popsicle.com. For more fun facts about Popsicle, visit our website and facebook! Facebook: www.facebook.com/popsicle. Questions or comments? Call: 1-800-931-2849. how2recycle.info.