Rubys Rockets Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Pops, Galaxy Green

With natural kiwi flavor. All natural (No artificial colors or flavors. No sugar added (Sugars derived from fruit and vegetable ingredients only). Dairy & gluten free. GMO free. Low calorie. Good source of vitamin C). Only 35 calories per serving! With probiotics! 1 billion CFU per serving. Changing the world, one pop at a time. A little voice from the backseat of my car said: Hey mom, can I try that weird green smoothie? It was my 8-year old daughter, Ruby. You won't like it honey - I made it with spinach, celery and ginger. But, she insisted, took a sup and said You know mom, if you took out the celery and the ginger and added more apples and some banana you could leave in the spinach and I'd probably like it. Countless afternoons and kitchen disasters later we finally got it right. Galaxy Green, a kid-approved fruit and veggie smoothie was born: terrifically taster, with no added sugar! She moved on to two new fruit and veggie combos she called Rock-It Red & Orbit Orange. When we got the fun idea to freeze 'em, Ruby's Rockets were born! Our freezer was soon filled with ready-made, healthy home-grown pops. Perfect for morning before school, midday snacks, dessert (of course!), and late-night snacks too! So now, when you hear Mom can I have another? you can finally say yes! We donate 1% of all sales to Enjoy this flavor: Orbit Orange. You might also like: Galaxy Green and Rock-It Red.