Twix Ice Cream Bars, Vanilla 6 Ea

This classic milk chocolate and caramel cookie candy bar just got an arctic upgrade! TWIX Ice Cream Bars are made with creamy vanilla ice cream, smooth caramel, and crunchy cookie pieces; the combination of milk chocolate, ice cream and crunchy deliciousness. With 6 individually wrapped ice cream bars, you'll have enough to serve this scrumptious frozen treat your next movie night and stock a few in your freezer for those treat yourself moments! TWIX Ice Cream Bars with Vanilla Ice Cream are perfect for birthday parties, summer picnics and all celebrations! Move over ice cream cake— you've got competition! You can also try SNICKERS Ice Cream Bars to get another taste of your favorite chocolate brands in frozen form! Add TWIX Ice Cream Bars with Vanilla Ice Cream to your cart today, for a cooler tomorrow!