Hungry-Man Meatloaf Home-Style

Hungry-Man Meatloaf Home-Style . New & Improved! In a savory brown gravy with creamy mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables - includes a chocolate brownie. Satisfy Your Craving. U.S. inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. 1 lb of food. The adventurer. "This sure beats havin' to shoot your dinner." The maestro. "I hear a symphony every time the microwave dings." The gentleman. "I declare independence from my hunger." The conqueror. "My desire Conquest. And a good, satisfying meal. But mainly conquest." The inventor. "A true renaissance man appreciates a rich mosaic of meat and vegetables." Unlock your Hungry Hero & Get a Taste of Something... EPIC. Hungry Heroes are legendary men of history, who, like you, were hungry. For knowledge, for adventure and occasionally a hearty helping of quality eats. Connect with your Hungry Hero today to gain their wisdom. And maybe even become one yourself. Go to Text "hungry" to 27426. Standard text message rates will apply and you will receive an SMS text and a phone call when texting to this number- reply "stop HH" to stop /reply "help HH" for help /for terms and conditions, go to Questions or comments 1-800-719-5859