Healthy Choice Power Bowls, Chicken Marinara 9.25 oz

Low carb lifestyle. Grain free. Each ingredient matters. We believe each ingredient matters, and choosing a low carb lifestyle means making small swaps like choosing riced cauliflower instead of rice. Mix that with a combination of leafy greens, colorful vegetables and all natural (No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed) chicken for the perfect recipe. Delicious and filling, without the grains! Riced cauliflower. Dark leafy greens: blend of chard, kale & spinach. Marinara sauce. Red bell pepper strips. Topping parmesan cheese. Chicken: pulled all natural chicken breast (No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed). Broccoli. Net Carbs (Net carbs include only those carbohydrates that have measurable impact on blood sugar levels. For those watching their carb intake, count 5 g) 10g total carbs. Total carbs 10 g - fiber 5 g = Net carbs 5 g. Serving bowl made from plant-based fiber. We love our plant as much as we love our food. Healthy choice power bowls, max, and zero use a serving bowl made from plant-based fiber which helps us avoid using on average 1 million pounds of plastic every year. See for more information.