Tastee Choice Shrimp Sorrentino

Tossed with a mild spicy tomato & basil sauce. Premium skillet meals. Ready in less than 10 minutes. Complete dinner for (2). (1) easy step preparation. Tastee Choice executive chefs traveled throughout the Mediterranean region to bring you the finest ingredients and richest culinary delights this Old World has to offer. Now the best handpicked vegetables, freshest seafood and authentic seasonings bring the rich flavors of the rolling, sun-kissed hills right to your table in minutes. Farm-raised shrimp and garden-picked vegetables tossed with al dente pasta and seasoned with fresh herbs in a delicious sauce. Every bite is a taste of an authentic seaside Italian ristorante. - Buon appetito! Product & Sauce: Product of Argentina. Vegetables & Shrimp: Product of India. Processed in India.