Sweet Potatoasts Sweet Potato, Sea Salt & Olive Oil Roasted, Slices

15 net carbs per serving. [Total carbohydrate (18 g) minus dietary fiber (3 g)]. Gluten free. Vegan. Non-GMO. Paleo. Excellent source of vitamin A & C. Good source of fiber. From creators of Caulipower. The best thing since sliced bread. What's in the bag? Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head (Ok, maybe not that big). Every part of a sweet potato deserves its shot in the toaster spotlight. That's why we use about three entire sweet potatoes, saving almost every piece we can from going to waste. So, while each piece may not look the same, they've all been roasted with the same tender loving care, giving each one that soft center, crispy edge, Sweet Potatoasts taste. Why sweet Potatoasts? No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives. The vegetable revolution continues. I started caulipower as a frustrated working mother of two young sons who avoid gluten. I realized that all the recipes for healthy pizza crust were actually recipes for disaster, taking 90 minutes and leaving my kitchen a mess. And I wasn't the only one. Everywhere I turned. I heard the same question - why aren't healthier versions of my favorite foods easier to find and make? Like cauliflower crust once was, we found another time-consuming food hack due for a revolution. Introducing Sweet Potatoast. Gluten-free, good source of fiber, and packed with healthy nutrients. Another solution for today's busy people, as yummy as it is healthy and ready in minutes. We're revolutionizing vegetables. Join the revolution. - Gall Becker, Founder and CEO, Vegolutionary Foods. Sweet Potatoasts proudly supports OneSun. As part of its mission, Sweet Potatoasts supports the health of children by contributing a percentage of sales to the creation of vegetable gardens in schools throughout the country. For flavor & topping inspiration, visit SweetPotatoasts.com.