Full Circle Sinksational Sink Strainer, with Pop-Out Stopper

Reduces clogged drains. Flexible rim creates seal around drain. Separate lid seals tightly to stop water. Putting a strain on your drain? Then do your sink a favor with this strainer and stopper. The stopper pops on top of the strainer when you need to fill your sink, and the strainer's tab makes it easy to remove from the drain, even when the sink is full. Earth Friendly Materials: Responsible Living: Sustainable choice. Safe for You: Non-toxic. Earth Friendly Materials: Recycled plastic. Intentional Design: Woven basket design captures food scraps. Learn more about our products at www.fullcirclehome.com. www.fullcirclehome.com. Certified B corporation. Please recycle this packaging. Responsibly made in China.