Plum Organics Baby Food Quinoa & Leeks with Chicken + Tarragon Stage 3

Plum® Organics 3 Quinoa & Leeks with Chicken + Tarragon Organic Baby Food. 6 mos. & up. 4g of protein. USDA organic. Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. department of agriculture P-15893. Baby's palate isn't chicken. Hearty chicken is the perfect meal to jumpstart baby's taste buds. That's why we packed it into a pouch, along with veggies and a pinch of tarragon. Basic training starts with a squeeze. Plum philosophy. Inspire a lifetime of healthy eating by training taste buds from the get-go. Nutrition: 4g protein, 2g fiber, & 100% DV vitamin A. 3 stage: Complex flavors & hearty textures-ages 6 mos. & up. Palate: Palate pleasing herbs to train tiny taste buds. Promise: Certified organic, no artificial ingredients. This package contains no BPA. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. 1-877-914-PLUM.