Heinz Premium Horseradish Sauce 12 Fl Oz

Estd 1869. New recipe. www.kraftheinz.com. Questions or comments? Call 1-800-577-2823 or visit us at: www.kraftheinz.com. Heinz Horseradish Sauce enhances your family's favorite recipes with a zesty flavor. The premium horseradish sauce is the first variety from Henry J. Heinz, based on his mother's recipe. With a creamy texture, the classic horseradish sauce brings a fiery kick to any dish. Add this versatile sauce to salad dressings or dips for a bold burst of flavor. It contains 10 calories per serving. Spread this tangy horseradish sauce on sandwiches or wraps at lunchtime, top prime rib to bring out the flavor, or serve it up as a dipping sauce along with fresh veggies. Each 12 fluid ounce bottle of horseradish sauce is squeezable for easy portioning, while a convenient flip cap helps to ensure freshness.