Pull Ups Learning Designs Training Pants, Size 3T-4T (32-40 lbs), Disney, Jumbo

15-18 kg. 2 out of 3 household choose Pull-Ups Training Pants (amount Training Pant households). Learn when wet! Easy open sides. Leak Lock: Zones protection for boys. Tips for your potty training journey! Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy. Enroll in the Big Kid Academy at Pull-Ups.com! What time is it? Time to potty! Download the Pull-Ups. Time to potty app to track and celebrate every potty break! Easy Open Sides: sides that open and refasten. Stretchy Sides: to fit like underwear. Learn how to slide on & off. Help teach front & back. Design fades when wet! Because no two kids train alike! Cool & Learn: Feels cool when wet to help your child learn. Night-Time: Extra absorbent for total Night-Time protection. Flushable wipes help encourage bathroom independence. Pull-Ups.com. 3 unique designs. 1-800-990-4448 Mo-Fri: 8am-4pm CT. how2recycle.info. Made in USA.