Agalima Bloody Mary Mix, Organic, The Authentic

Organic. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. All Natural - Vegan. Ripe roma tomatoes. House made worcestershire. Contains 72% juice. Experience Authentic: From its beginning, the Agalima brand has set out to be something different, a new way of respecting tradition. With certified organic ingredients and genuine recipes that offer refreshingly authentic experiences, Agalima makes it easy to create delicious, classic cocktails. History of the Bloody Mary: If it weren't for prohibition and the Russian revolution the bloody mary may not have been created. Carrying canned juices, bartenders were leaving the body-dry USA, wanting to legally continue their craft, Russians were feeling political unrest, vodka in tow. Harry's New York bar in Paris is where they met. Voila. The bloody mary. Our Ingredients: We use organic ingredients sourced from the finest growers to create our authentic Agalima Bloody Mary Mix: Ripe roma tomatoes; house made worcestershire; chipotle pepper; horseradish; select herbs and spices. Why certified organic? There are all kinds of confusing food claims out there. Our blend is certified organic, and meets the strict certification criteria of Oregon Tilth. Real juice means separation will occur. It's only natural.