Peet's Coffee Coffee, Ground, Dark Roast, Holiday Blend 10 oz

The Year's Best BeansHoliday Blend is our grand finale—the best beans of the year, blended to conjure the flavors, aromas, and spirit of the holidays. We selected from Guatemala for notes of bittersweet chocolate, Sumatra for tropical spice, and Kenya for rich, dark berry. Paired with the usual holiday indulgences or sipped on its own, it's a rich and satisfying cup to savor all season long.Tasting NotesBold and complex; cocoa and baking spice with sweet, dark berry notes. Our PromiseWe believe there's only one way to roast coffee: with the precision of a craftsman who relies on his five senses—not a computer—to arrive at perfection.We believe coffee beans are at their peak the second they emerge from the roaster, and we are unrelenting in packing, shipping and personally delivering them quickly to maintain that peak flavor.We believe when we've done our job, you will experience truly exceptional coffee, different than anything you've tasted before.The truth is, we don't believe in taking shortcuts. That's why Peet's can promise something you just can't get anywhere else: The perfect cup. Commitment to FreshnessWe roast our beans to each day's order and ship quickly, delivering freshness you can taste. Exquisite, Complex, Celebratory The Original Craft Coffee, 50 Years, 1966–2016