Keurig® Classic Series Black Keurig® K15 Brewer Box

Model: K-Mini K15. Brewing America's Leading Coffee Brands: Green Mountain Coffee Brewers; Donut Shop Coffee; Starbucks; Folgers; Newman's Own Organics; Peet's Coffee; Caribou Coffee; Gevalia Kaffe; Dunkin' Donuts; McCafe. Small, Personal Design: Ideal for small spaces and individual use. Your Perfect Amount: 6 to 10 oz. One Cup Reservoir: Add water each time. Less than 2 minute brew time for fresh brewed coffee. Coffeehouse taste in your own home. The perfect cup every time. Hot water saturates the freshly ground beans and flows through the paper filter. Freshly ground coffee from the leading brands fills our K-Cup pods. Gentle pressure extracts every ounce of rich, full-flavored coffee. Product may differ slightly from pictures on box. UL Listed. For household use only. 1-866-901-Brew (2739). Visit our website at: Made in Malaysia.