Kool-Aid Bursts Zero Sugar Tropical Punch Soft Drink 40.5 fl oz

Artificial flavor. 0 calories per 1 bottle. Zero sugar. Zero calorie. New! Twist off top using hands only. Do not put top in mouth. Enjoy! please dispose of top and bottle properly. The adventures of Kool-Aid man! 1. Are you ready? Have an adult help you cut out Kool-Aid man to take on adventures. 2. Let's explore take Kool-Aid man with you and snap some photos of your adventures. 3. Post your pictures with help from an adult, upload your pictures to facebook.com/Koolaid show everyone where you've been! how2recycle.info. Become a fan of kool-Aid! Facebook.com/Koolaid. Please refer to code numbers on bottle or carton sleeve with all inquiries 1-(800) 367-9225. Available in a rainbow of flavors. Kool-Aid Jammers Tropical Punch. Kool-Aid Unsweetened Drink Mix. Kool-Aid Sugar Sweetened Soft Drink Mix. Kool-Aid Liquid. Where there's there's fun! Meet the zero sugar version of Kool-Aid Bursts! Kids love our thirst quenching drink that is sugar free too. Stay hydrated on-the-go with these easy-to-open bottles. Packed in a convenient drink bottle, kids can enjoy this fun drink at home, at the beach, or packed in their lunches. Kool-Aid Bursts Zero Sugar Artificially Flavored Tropical Punch Drinks are bursting with flavor! Hot days are no match for Kool-Aid. Each pack comes with six 6.75 fluid ounce drink bottles making for a great birthday party drink for kids. Refrigeration highly recommended.