Mi O Liquid Water Enhancer, Arctic Grape, Hydrate 1.62 fl oz

Squeeze good in with mio. mio Hydrate Arctic Grape Naturally Flavored with other natural flavor Liquid Water Enhancer helps you on your wellness journey by adding an extra boost of electrolytes to your water. Sugar-free water-enhancing drops contain zero calories, and you can control the electrolyte and flavor intensity with just a squeeze. Our small bottle makes us the perfect partner for your busy routine and staying hydrated on the go. Keep a bottle of our water enhancer drops in your purse, bag or glove box for easy on-the-go portable flavor anytime. For a refreshing beverage, simply add 3/4 tsp of mio to 12 ounces of water, mix and enjoy. Each 1.62-ounce bottle contains about 12 servings. For flavorful water you can enjoy anytime, squeeze electrolytes into your day with mio Hydrate Arctic Grape Liquid Water Enhancer.