Bai Black Colombia Creme 11.5Z

Caffeinated beverage. 5 calories per can. 0 g sugar. No artificial sweeteners. Our flavor names pay homage to the world's coffee regions. Learn more at Less than 1 net carb per serving (Erythritol carbs have no calories or effect on blood sugar). Antioxidants: 18 mg vitamin C; 70 mg polyphenols & chlorogenic acid from coffeefruit extract and white tea extract. Nature's Caffeine: 45 mg per can. Like a cup of green tea. Kosher. Low glycemic. Non-GMO. Gluten free. Vegan. Soy free. Infused with coffee's superfruit. This Can Contains the Cream of the Crop: Remember when you screamed for cream soda? And then we joined in? and then everyone else did, too? That was well-deserved chaos! After all, this fountain of flavor only has 5 calories, 0 g of sugar and no artificial sweeteners. So make some noise! Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. (at)DrinkBai.