Snapple Juice Drink Lady LiberTEA - 6 CT

Snapple® All Natural Lady LiberTEA Juice Drink. For a limited time. Natural raspberry, peach & blueberry flavor with other natural flavors. Made from the Best Stuff On Earth!™. 6 glass bottles. Made from black tea. Red raspberry, white peach & blueberry tea. 120 calories per bottle. 6-16 fl oz bottle (96 fl oz). 6-473 ml bottles (2.8 L). Behold. Lady LiberTEA. A true icon of New York City, where Snapple got its start. She's a bursting blend of our delicious black tea with red raspberry, white peach and blueberry flavors. Isn't she a beaut So, raise a bottle and salute your freedom by enjoying the best stuff on earth. Gluten free. Distributed under authority of Snapple Beverage Corp. Snapple and made from the Best Stuff On Earth are trademarks of Snapple Beverage Corp. Please recycle. Call us at 1-800-762-7753 or visit us at ©2015 Snapple Beverage Corp.