Petal Sparkling Elderberry White Tea Flower Botanical Beverage 12 oz

Naturally flavored. 10 calories. USDA Organic. Certified Organic By: International Certification Services, Inc. Gluten free. No caffeine. Raise your vibe. Taste the power of Petal. When enchanted elderberry meets whimsical white tea flower. Lavish berry and delicate tea flavors harmonize in a sparkling of fairy dust. Drink elderberry white tea flower & wake up the magic inside of you. Take a break. Live in the light. It’s a day for a daydream. That’s the flower power of Patel with dreamy elderberry white tea. Raise your can, raise your vibe. Sparkle your wild heart. (at)drinkpetal. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. A proud women run business. Please recycle.