Petal Sparkling Lemon Grass Dandelion Strawberry Botanical Beverage 12 oz

Naturally flavored. 10 calories. USDA Organic. Certified Organic By: International Certification Services, Inc. Gluten free. No caffeine. Raise your vibe. Taste the power of Petal. When lover lemongrass meets wild child dandelion intense flavors dance in perfect balance. Add a splash of strawberry sweetness for a sparkling taste made in heaven. Drink lemongrass dandelion’s delicious blend and you can thrive anytime, anywhere make a wish and make it happen. Blow its seeds to the wind! That's the flower power fearless lemongrass dandelion. Raise your can, raise your vibe & sparkle your wild heart. (at)drinkpetal. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Join the Petal Tribe: A proud women run business. Please recycle.