Sprite Lymonade Bottle, 20 fl oz

When Sprite came onto the scene, it deliciously combined two great flavors into one incredible lemon-lime flavored soda, making it the one to look up to when it came to citrus drinks. Since then and for the last 50 years, Sprite has been delivering that great, caffeine-free lemon-lime taste to fans all over the world. But who’s to say that more flavors wouldn’t make it even better? Sprite Lymonade takes the lemon-lime flavor you love about Sprite and enhances it with a splash of lemonade, creating something entirely spectacular and unique. Something that still promises to deliver the crisp, refreshing, and intense taste you love, but with an added twist. You can explore everything Sprite has to offer, including Cherry, Cranberry, Ginger, and Tropical Mix flavors. Each one provides a different balance of fruit flavors, which means an array of choices to obey your thirst. No matter what you pick, you can guarantee that Sprite Lymonade delivers intense, crisp citrus taste in every single sip. So when it comes to a perfect citrus-flavored soda, there’s only one place to turn.