Sun Drop Soda, Citrus, 12 Pack 12 Ea

There’s a reason they say that Sun Drop citrus soda is like a giant pipeline of refreshment channeled directly to you. Once you get a taste of that unique lemon, lime and orange citrus combo, your taste buds won’t know what hit them! Sun Drop was first invented in 1928 but was reformulated in 1949 by Charles Lazier with the addition of caffeine. That was a game-changer that transformed the delicious drink into a citrus force of nature that people can’t get enough of. You get the thirst-quenching flavor with the tanginess of lemon and lime, the sweetness of orange plus that extra kick of caffeine to keep you going all day long. You can even use it to bake a Sun Drop Cake complete with Sun Drop glaze for a dessert that’s out of this world. Enjoy the citrusy blast to your senses with Sun Drop soda and experience the next level in thirst-quenching refreshment.