Campbell's Double Noodle Condensed Soup 10.5 oz

Campbell’s Condensed Double Noodle Soup is sure to be the star of the meal. When it comes to being a family favorite, this soup is just the beginning. This Double Noodle Soup starts with twice as many enriched egg noodles, comforting chicken broth infused with herbs, and tender chicken. Plus, there’s no artificial flavors, parents can trust each and every fun-filled spoonful. Crafted with high-quality ingredients, all you have to do is just add water and heat! This pantry staple is easy to customize, too. With only 100 calories per 8 ounce serving, this Double Noodle® soup is part of a great meal! M’m! M’m! Good!® From Chicken Noodle to Tomato and everything in between, Campbell’s makes delicious soups with quality, farm-grown ingredients in flavors you and your family know and love. Whether Campbell’s Condensed canned soups are the start of great recipes or you want to simmer down with the perfect bowl, we have a soup that everyone can enjoy.