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Mezzetta Giardiniera, Italian Mix

Naturally low in fat & carbs! In the Napa Valley. Don' forget Mezzetta! Family owned since 1935. Cholesterol free. Gluten free. Vegan. Please recycle. Some things are best done the hard i way. We use only fresh-harvested vegetables in our Giardiniera. Their genuine crispness and color are well worth the added time and effort. At Mezzetta, we believe in sharing joy. We pour our hearts into what we do so we can share the best of the world in all its richness and color. I hope sharing this special giardiniera with your loved ones adds a little more joy to your day. Share the joy! - Jeff Mezzetta. Wonder what else you can do with these delicious olives? Visit mezzetta.com for tips and recipes. Product of USA.