Ocean Spray Cranberry Bites, Greek Yogurt Dipped 5 oz

Bold cranberry flavor. Smooth creamy coating. Ocean Spray® Craisins® Greek Yogurt Covered Dried Cranberries. The cranberries you love with creamy Greek yogurt flavor. Enjoy the benefits of cranberry, even more. Real, bold dried cranberries dipped in a satisfying Greek yogurt flavored coating in every dried fruit pouch. Enjoy these little tangy treats as on the go snacks. Stash in your desk drawer. Share with friends and family. Or…don't. Stay in. Cozy up on that couch. Sprinkle over your favorite ice cream. And dig in. You and your taste buds deserve it. Step up your entertaining game by adding their bold flavor to apps, charcuterie boards and more. They're also just really good on their own. However you use them, don't let anything stand in the way of your Ocean Spray® Greek Yogurt Covered Craisins® fix. Keep sealed in a dry place to keep these yogurt covered cranberries fresh for longer. Ocean Spray believes in the power of the mighty cranberry; Born Tart. Raised Bold.™