Made With Tomato Paste, No Salt Added, Organic 6 Oz

Vine-Ripened in Sunny California: made with tomatoes are especially grown in California's San Joaquin Valley. Vine-ripened and picked at the peak of freshness, our tomatoes taste like summer in a can! The Secret Ingredient: Behold the magic of made with organic tomato paste! Packed into this tiny can is the concentrated goodness of 8 farm fresh tomatoes which were slow cooked and reduced to a deep red, richly flavored paste. Tomato paste adds flavor-boosting savory depth to all sorts of dishes from pasta and pizza sauces to soups, stews, casseroles, and curries. Chef's tip: To coax out the most intense, slow-cooked flavor, brown tomato paste over low heat for a couple of minutes with other ingredients such as onions and garlic before adding liquids.