Frosted Mini Wheats Little Bites Original Whole Grain Cereal 15.9 oz

Half the size all the flavor! Our best in every bite. Made with North American grains. Hi, I'm mini! Help me deliver delicious frosted mini- wheats around my zero. Welcome to mini's little zoo! To play: Each player places 4 little bites at the Zoo Entrance. (player 1: frosting side up. Player 2: wheat side up) player 1: flip a coin (heads=1. tails=2) and move 1 of your pieces that number of spaces toward any of the 4 Zoo Zones. Now Its player 2's turn. Continue play to move 1 of your pieces to each zone. Each player can have no more than 2 pieces on the path at once. First player to fill all 4 Zones wins! Heads: Move 1 Tails: Move 2. Zoo entrance: You've taken the first step to a tasty say. Don't feed the animals! (Little bites are made for a kids big & small). Shortcut! A monkey guides you across the bridge. Jungle Zone: Facty fact: Less than 6% of our planet is jungle. So much yummy crunch in every bitty biscuit. Move ahead 1 space. Snack break! Eat your piece & pick a new one from the box. Shortcut! The milk river sweeps you downstream. Oh hello bird. Mom Knows: They're delouse from start to finish! Made with 100% whole grain. 100% of your daily iron. 6 g of fiber. No monkey business! Slice across the bridge what a ride! Dry yourself off. Flamingos steal your spoon move back 1 space. Can you name all of the animals in minis zoo! Grassland zone Three Cheers for amber waves of grain. Whoa! spot the two zebras with matching scripts. Hey look! Sweet swag! Extra turn of again. Facty Fact: Wheat was first played in the U.S in 1777 your breakfast in kinds historic! Is it getting frostier or is it just me? Little quiz! Match each animals to its baby name. Cat. Elephant. Kangaroo. Crocodile. Platypus. Kid. muggle. kitten. Calif. Joey. Hatching. Where do penguins keep their money? Polar zone you guys are so chill. For games variations & puzzle solutions. Those mountains almost look frosted! Avalanche! Move ahead 1 space. Decisions. decisions. Left right. or chocolate? Extra turn go again. Help! The bird sanctuary door is open! Find 5 birds that have flown out! Turtle crossing. Lose a turn. Turn a turn while you Walt. tempted to eat your game piece yet?