Kellogg's Peeps Marshmallow Flavored Cereal 10.5 oz

Limited Edition Artificially flavored. Per 1 Cup Serving: 110 calories; 0 g sat fat; (0% DV); 120 mg sodium (5% DV); 13 g sugars. 50%+ Whole Grain: 20 g or more per serving. 50% or more of whole grains daily. Welcome to peeps brand land. Welcome to the peep-tastic basket!. How many chicks and bunnies can your count on the whole box? Always room for one more!. Frosted forest. Peep-a-boo!. I see you!. You made it!. End hike happily to the next spot that matches your playing color. Petunia path: follow the trail and hop back to your new spot. I’m a real peep-le person!. Stop to eat a marshmallow and get stuck!. Lose a turn. Mallow marsh. Lol!. I wonder if i lay marshmallow egg? My best friend is an egg. Her name is shelly!. Sweet switcheroo!. Switch places with another player. Petunia path: follow the trail and jump ahead to your new sport. I’m the most popular!. I’m the most peep-ular!. Pick some grass and flowers to decorate your basket. Move ahead 1 spot. Green grass meadows. I am some bunny!. Open the breakfast let’s talk at kellogg, we’re working harder to earn a seat at your table. What can we do to make your mornings better? see bottom for game answers. Be the first to get to the peep-tastic basket!. Each player selects a peeps cereal piece as their playing piece. Without looking, draw a yummy peep cereal piece from box. Use the key below to determine how many spaces to move. Pink: 1 space blue: 2 spaces Yellow: 3 spaces. Marshmallow; eat and enjoy! Draw again! Watch for special spots! Somebunny likes me. Start. Questions or Comments? Visit Call 1-800-962-1413. Provide production code on package. Visit us at Kellog's Family Rewards: Collect points. Earn rewards. Two easy ways to collect points! Go to to learn more. Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Collect points. Earn rewards. Two easy ways to collect points!. Go to to learn more. BCTGM Bakery confectionery union made tobacco workers & grain millers Afl-cio CLC. Certified 100% recycled paperboard.