Herdez Cooking Sauces, Mexican, Roasted Pasilla Chile

Smoky & mild. Genuine Mex. SafeSource: Food Safety Certification. Glass recycles where recycling is available. Questions - comments 1-800-333-7846. At the heart of Mexican cooking lies Herdez brand, Mexico's No. 1 salsa brand. Bring this tradition into your home with Herdez Mexican cooking sauces. Named for its dark, wrinkled skin, the Pasilla Chile is rich in flavor, yet mild in heat. A wonderful blend of tomatoes, onions, and garlic accompany the chile to create our hearty roasted pasilla chile sauce. Scan for Herdez cooking sauce recipes. For authentic recipes, visit herdezcookingsauces.com or facebook.com/herdeztraditions. Made in Mexico.