Franks Buffalo Wing Sauce 1Gal

Frank's RedHot Sauce carries the signature heat of Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce and an iconic, buttery flavor for a consistent and unmistakably genuine flavor experience. Frank's RedHot has defined the perfect blend of flavor and heat with hot wings sauce for over five decades. If you love wings, this product is the secret ingredient for heat-and-flavor goodness. This sauce will fulfill all your winged desires, but you can use it for other recipes because it's ideal for foods like Buffalo pico de gallo, Moroccan infused hot sauce, Frank's RedHot original garlic butter, Italian Buffalo vinaigrette, Buffalo tomato sauce, Frank's spicy blue cheese dressing and RedHot Mexican chicken dip. Made from cayenne peppers, Frank's RedHot Buffalo Sauce has the flavor you crave, and it's compatible with your most popular recipes. As a favorite ingredient in authentic Buffalo wings for decades, this product delivers a tasty glaze with a kick. Make your guests wonder whether their wings came straight from Buffalo when you prepare their order with this hot wing sauce. They'll appreciate the complex, balanced flavors that work together to make this dressing so tasty. Plus, using this product has plenty of benefits for you, too. Beyond its taste, this Buffalo sauce for wings is convenient. It comes with a resealable cap and has a handle for easy carrying across your kitchen, patio or back-of-house setup. Plus, this sauce is ready to use straight out of the container. Save time when you skip mixing sauces from scratch and start whipping up dishes with this pre-blended hot sauce. This Buffalo sauce for wings comes in large 1-gallon containers perfect for professional use. Keep your customers coming back for more with Frank's RedHot — the perfect blend of flavor and heat.