McCormick Garlic, Herb & Wine 30 Minute Marinade 5 oz

Create show-stopping flavor with a pouch of McCormick Grill Mates Garlic, Herb & Wine Marinade. It’s the ultimate 30-minute marinade for adding mouthwatering grill flavor to chicken, seafood and pork in three easy steps. Looking for convenient ways for perfectly grilled poultry or pork? This makes the most flavorful chicken marinade and pork marinade. It’s a classic blend of garlic, wine, extra virgin olive oil, and McCormick herbs & spices like oregano and paprika that’s exactly what your meat has been craving. Simply tear open the pouch, pour over 2 lbs. chicken, seafood or pork, marinate for 30 minutes and grill. With our single-use marinade pouch, there’s no waste and no bottles of marinade to take up space in the refrigerator.