Jell-O Creations Dessert Kit Oreo Dirt Cups

Jell-O® Creations Dessert Kit Oreo® Oreo Crumbs Dirt Cups. New! Dirt cups includes: Gummy creatures. Pudding mix chocolate. Artificial flavor. Per 1/6 package: 170 Calories. 0g sat fat, 0% DV. 470mg sodium, 20% DV. 25g sugars. See side panel for prepared nutrition. Just add milk! Cups not included. Did you know... Snails are very strong the average snail can carry the weight of a potato! More than 1 million worms can live and play in land the size of a football field. The longest earthworm found was 22 ft long - that's longer than a crocodile! Get creative! Find a different way to display your creations. Kraft Heinz. 1-800-431-1001. ©Kraft Foods.