McCormick Gourmet Global Selects Timut Pepper from Nepal, 0.63 oz

This unique peppercorn from Nepal offers a bright grapefruit aroma and flavor that finishes with an exciting tingle. The citrusy notes are a perfect complement to seafood, vegetables, fruit and desserts. The soil and climate of mountainous Nepal play an important role in the flavor of Timut pepper. It has a zesty grapefruit-like aroma and a lively flavor that leaves a tingle in your mouth, like its relative, the Szechuan peppercorn. Make a great impression on guests by grinding it over fish, shellfish, meats and vegetables. Add it to Indian curry spice blends, Asian stir-fries, or sprinkle over fruit and chocolate desserts. For the most intense flavor, grind Timut pepper over your dishes just before serving.