C&H Pure Cane Sugar Granulated White 4 lb Carton

Recipe: C&H® Classic Pound Cake with Warm Lemon Sauce. People who insist on using the finest ingredients insist on using only C&H® sugars for some very good reasons. All C&H® sugars are always 100% pure cane, made from only real cane sugar. In fact, C&H® has never made and will never make any sugar that's not pure cane sugar. There's no risk of getting "made-from-beet" sugars that other brands sell. Consistency counts. Generations of experienced bakers and professional chefs know what works, what tastes best and what bakes up best. And that's why they trust C&H® Pure Cane Sugar. You can too. We're sure you'll be happy. Since 1960, C&H® has perfected the art of making cane sugar. We're so confident you'll appreciate the difference in C&H® quality, we guarantee each and every bag we sell. America's favorite sugar now in an easy-pour carton. Easy to pour. Easy to re-close. Easy to store. Fewer spills. Easy Pour Carton Pure Sugar Kosher for Passover