Mc Cormick Ground Thyme 0.7 oz

No spice rack should be without thyme, a versatile herb with a subtle mint flavor that blends well with other herbs & spices. Ground from carefully selected thyme plants, McCormick® Ground Thyme adds savory herb flavor to meatloaf, stews, chicken and stuffing. Popular around the world, thyme is a bright and aromatic member of the mint family with a distinctly warm flavor. Ground thyme disperses easily into your dishes, making it perfect for soups, sauces, gravies and marinades. Use to season roast meats or poultry, meatloaf, lamb or beef stew, and casseroles. Try tossing thyme with roasted vegetables like carrots, zucchini or potatoes. It is essential in Jamaican jerk seasoning and in Creole-Cajun blackened seasoning, jambalaya and gumbo.