Mc Cormick Poppy Seed 1.25 oz

Native to the Mediterranean, the poppy plant produces showy, colorful flowers and tiny slate-blue seeds. At McCormick® our whole poppy seeds are selected for their nutty flavor and rich color- perfect for adding to breads, salad dressings and fruit. The appealing crunchy texture and mild nutty flavor make poppy seeds a favorite for sprinkling on rolls, pastries, pound cakes and cookies. Or stir them into the batter for breakfast muffins and pancakes. Poppy seeds add a pop of color when whisked into dressing for fruit, coleslaw or greens. Try poppy seed butter over noodles, rice, fish or potatoes. The seeds figure prominently in Eastern European, German and Turkish cuisines. Refrigerate or freeze your jar of poppy seeds to keep them fresh.