Mc Cormick Whole Black Pepper 1.87 oz

At McCormick®, we hand-harvest our black peppercorns to ensure that the larger berries are picked for their bold flavor, sharp aroma and earthy heat. For freshly ground pepper, fill your grinder with whole peppercorns, then twist to add an earthy, pungent kick to whatever’s on your plate. Once a rare spice, today black peppercorns grace kitchens and tables around the world. Black pepper enhances the taste of meat, gives a spicy bite to stews, and adds bold flavor to vegetables. Use to encrust steaks, burgers and salmon with the texture of coarse pepper. When added whole, peppercorns bring gentle heat. Include in pickling spice mixes, herb sachets for long-simmered stocks and braises, and brines for whole chickens, turkeys and pork roasts.