McCormick Yellow Mustard Seed, 1.4 oz

McCormick Yellow Mustard Seed is always sourced from #1 grade mustard seeds. It adds tangy subtle heat to pickling brines, rubs, seafood boils and so much more. Mustard seed is essential for sharp, zingy flavor in anything pickled – dill, sweet or bread & butter pickles, corn relish, pickled green beans or cauliflower. A favorite seasoning throughout the ages, its hot, pungent flavor is perfect for cut-ting through rich dishes like roast beef, corned beef and ham. Use it in spice blends, marinades, chutneys, and glazes and rubs for meats. Mustard seed works equally well kicking up the flavor of mild ingredients like potatoes, legumes, chicken and seafood. Add it to the dressing for potato salad or coleslaw or the steaming liquid for shrimp.