C&H Sugar, Pure Cane, Baker's 4 Lb

Since 1906. Baking happiness. Measures the same as regular white granulated sugar. Recommended by professional chefs. California Hawaiian est. 1906. From Cane Sugar, We Craft Life's Sweetest Moments: Crafting sugar and happiness has been our mission since 1906, and our experts dedicated themselves to quality, earning the respect and trust of the baking community for more than a century. Over the years, we've grown, but we're still in California, still committed to quality and still bringing sweetness to every home. We know that when you mix family, friends and food made with C&H Sugar, you create magical moments and memories you'll never forget. In other words - The Recipe for Happiness Starts with C&H. Baking Happiness! The Choice of Experienced, Professional Bakers. Since 1961, C&H has produced Baker's Sugar, an ultrafine professional-grade cane sugar for demanding bakers and chefs, originally sold only to the professional industry. Over time, serious cooking and baking enthusiasts heard about the velvety texture and ultrafine appearance of Baker's Sugar and began asking for it. Try this special sugar in your own home - in cakes, glazes, meringues, and cookies. Unlike regular white granulated sugar, the ultrafine granule size of C&H Baker's Sugar is carefully screened to ensure the crystal size is remarkably uniform. Try it in your recipes and discover why Baker's Sugar is the choice of professionals. If you're a baker, This is the Sugar for You. Measures just like white granulated sugar. Blends and dissolves faster and smoother in your recipes.