Sweet 'N Low Sweetener, For Cooking & Baking, Zero Calorie 8 Oz

Equivalent sweetness to 5 lbs of sugar. Free measuring spoon inside! Certified Vegan. vegan.org. A gluten free food. Sweet'N Low can be used just like sugar, but the amount you need will be much less. Each level spoonful of the enclosed measuring spoon has the sweetening equivalence of about 1 tsp. of sugar and contains less than 1/2 g of carbohydrate. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. For all inquiries, visit sweetnlow.com or call us at 1-800-221-1763. Please retain best by date on side panel and 10 digit UPC no. on bottom panel. Go to sweetnlow.com/recipes for sweet, reduced-calorie recipes. America's original zero calorie sweetener. A blend of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners. Each serving contains less than 2 calories which the FDA considers dietetically zero. Suitable for people with diabetes. This package of Sweet'N Low is equivalent in sweetness to about 5 lbs of sugar. It's a convenient way to use Sweet'N Low for cooking and baking. Packaged in the USA.