Wholesome Confectioners Sugar, Organic, Powdered 16 Oz

Premium quality. Sustainably sourced. Organic Powdered Sugar: Our Powdered Sugar is ground ultrafine (12x) to provide the perfect light and fluffy powder, making it lusciously sweet and soft. It's harvested using natural, sustainable farming practices handed down from one generation to the next. Whether you're baking, sprinkling or sweetening you'll taste the quality. 1 cup organic powdered sugar = 1 cup refined powdered sugar. Fair Trade. Fair Trade Certified. Fair Food Creates Stronger Communities: At Wholesome, we are dedicated to creating positive, meaningful change by bringing communities together. By baking and sweetening with Wholesome, you have helped support hard-working family farms. Wholesome has donated over $23 million in Fair Trade premiums to hundreds of communities and cooperatives around the globe. From farmer to baker, we are all connected in our love for making our best and sharing it. Fair Trade Impact: Supporting education for students. Improving hospitals and healthcare. Drilling wells for clean drinking water. Improving harvest through new agricultural equipment. Proudly part of Whole Earth Brands.