McCormick Gourmet All Natural Korean Style Red Pepper, 1.37 oz

McCormick Gourmet All Natural Korean-Style Red Pepper brings spicy flavor from the East to your favorite dishes. Also known as Gochugaru, this medium-hot crushed chili pepper is a key ingredient in traditional Korean cuisine, including in kimchi and barbecued meats. Vibrant Korean-style red pepper imparts bold heat with sweet & smoky notes necessary for authentic Korean stews, dumplings, banchan and bulgogi. Or, add to Korean-inspired recipes – try in kimchi slaw, fried rice, Korean burgers and noodle bowls. Shake on dishes you already make with crushed red pepper, like pizza or pasta sauce, for a kick of heat. With its medium-hot, fruity flavor profile, in a pinch it can be used as a substitute for gochujang, the popular Korean condiment.