Ole Mexican Foods 100% Whole Wheat Flour Tortilla Wraps - 8 CT

Ole Mexican Foods 100% Whole Wheat Flour Tortilla Wraps. Healthy Life Style™. Excellent taste! Premium. No hydrogenated oils. No sugar added. No cholesterol. High in fiber. 0g trans fat. Omega 3 from olive oil & flax seeds. Made with 100% whole wheat, olive oil and flax seed. See back panel for more information. A better choice for your Health™. Xtreme Wellness®! 100% whole wheat. 8 flour tortillas. Aluminum free. Recyclable. New & improved. Thank you for choosing Ole xtreme wellness tortilla wraps. We know that healthy food choices are important to you and your family - just like ours. And that's why we created Ole xtreme wellness to complement our line of authentic tortilla products. This year I challenged our research and development team to make our "better-for-you" products better. And they exceeded my expectations! Ole xtreme wellness. Tortilla wraps are now made with 100% whole wheat flour, we replaced the hydrogenated oils with 100% extra virgin olive oil, added wheat fiber and flax seed. The result Great-tasting, soft, fresh tortilla wraps that are even better for you! Again, thank you for making the healthy choice with Ole xtreme wellness tortilla wraps. Veronica Moreno. Founder and CEO. Visit: www.olemex.com for great recipe ideas. Ole™ is a registered trademark of Ole Mexican Foods, Inc.