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Power protein pasta. 16 g protein per serving. Gluten free. Sharp Cheddar Red Lentil Shells: We took everyone's childhood favorite and upped the ante with 16 g of protein and a cheesy flavor even adults can't resist. We harvest flavor. Pack a powerful protein punch into your family's favorite foods with Ancient Harvest Pow! Mac & Cheese. It's just the super nutrition of great tasting, plant-based powerhouses such as beans, lentils and ancient grains. Now there's a delicious way to get the fuel you need to power up your day. Visit: Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. (at)Ancientharvest. Plant-Based Protein: We believe that making plant-based foods part of your diet should be easy. Lentils and beans, also known as pulses, have been around for centuries, nourishing people worldwide. Ancient Harvest now helps you rediscover the protein power of pulses to create new and surprisingly delicious foods.