DeLallo Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin

All natural 100% avocado. Great for high heat cooking. 130 calories per tbsp. Extra virgin. First cold press. 100% avocado. First cold press. Made with fresh handpicked Chilean has avocados, our avocado oil comes form the first cold press of the fruit, boasting a vibrant green hue and all the healthfulness of raw avocados. Its flavor is nutty, buttery, fruity and mildly sweet, just like a fresh avocado. DeLallo Avocado oils is ultra-versatile with a high smoke point, perfect for drizzling, dressing, dipping, marinating and high-heat cooking. Kitchen Inspiration: Drizzle on fresh garden veggies. Create vinaigrettes and citrusy dressings. Brush on grilled and roasted meats. Substitute for butter or olive oil in recipes. With a high smoke point of 500 degrees F, DeLallo extra virgin avocado oil is a versatile cooking oil perfect for high-heat sauteing, searing, frying and grilling. Contains no trans fats, additives or artificial ingredients of any kind. Non GMO Project verified. contains the oil of approx. 12 whole avocados. Product of Chile.