Maggianos Diavolo Pasta Sauce

We added imported Spicy Calabrian Peppers to our ancestors' rich, tangy tomato sauce - as if it needed more passion. 100% gluten free, 100% all-natural. Maggiano's Little Italy first opened its doors on November 11, 1991 at the corner of Clark and Grand in Chicago. And every day since, the Chefs in each restaurant have prepared their sauces from scratch for their guests. Now, these familiar sauces can be enjoyed at every table - including your own. Is it odd we're so passionate about ingredients like Calabrian peppers? Don't answer with your mouth full. Made in small batches from traditional recipes with Italian Calabrian peppers, roasted garlic, and fine Chardonnay. Always 100% all-natural, just like the sauces made from scratch every day in our restaurants.